Wheelchair Education Evidence

The World Health Organization (WHO)  estimates that about 70 million people with disabilities need wheelchairs for mobility. A poorly-fitted wheelchair can lead to secondary problems and injuries, as well as abandonment.  (World Health Organization, 2008)

There is an unequal geographic distribution of rehabilitation professionals, and therefore, wheelchair service provision is different in every country. In fact, wheelchair content varies significantly across professions and settings.  (Fung et al., 2017 ) .

WHO has developed packages for a more standardized wheelchair service provision included the recommendation of an 8-step model. The WHO packages include open-access training materials with several resources.

The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) has created the Integration committee within the Training Group dedicated to support the integration of wheelchair service provision content into educational programs across high and low resourced settings considering the WHO 8-step wheelchair service provision model. ISWP has been in touch with OT, PT, and O&P University programs integrating, or planning to integrate wheelchair content.