Integration Sub-Committee

Integration Subcommittee

One of ISWP’s key objectives is to ensure more people in need of wheelchairs are provided with properly fitted wheelchairs through competent training and delivery. To enable this, a committee of experienced stakeholders across the globe has formed to focus on promoting the integration of wheelchair service provision training materials in the curriculum of rehabilitation professional education programs (including occupational therapy, physical therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, and community-based rehabilitation). This committee aims to understand the global current standard of education, as well as barriers and facilitators to this education. The committee also develops new resources, collects existing resources and shares resources in order to promote improved wheelchair service education in educational institutions worldwide. If you’re interested to participate in the Integration Subcommittee activities, please contact ISWP Research and Training Coordinator, Krithika Kandavel at

Resource Contributors

Paula Rushton, PH.D.
Assistant Professor
Université de Montréal, Canada

Paula Rushton is an Assistant Professor in the School of Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy Program at the University of Montréal and a researcher at the CHU Ste-Justine Research Center. She obtained her MClSc(OT) from the University of Western Ontario (1999), her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of British Columbia (2010) and her postdoctoral training at the University of Montréal in Biomedical Sciences (2014). Her research is focused on measurement, intervention, knowledge translation and education related to improving the wheeled mobility of both adults and children through an improved wheelchair service provision process. From the measurement, intervention and knowledge translation perspective, Rushton’s expertise lies in the domains of wheelchair skills and wheelchair confidence. From the education perspective, Rushton has been working with the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals Integration Sub-Committee (currently chair) to enhance wheelchair content in health care professional university curricula globally. Rushton currently teaches a 45-hour wheelchair course that addresses all 8-steps of the WHO wheelchair service provision process. Rushton is a Fonds de Recherche du Québec en Santé (FRQS) Junior 1 scholar.

Hassan Sarsak, PH.D.
Al Batterjee Medical College, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Hassan I. Sarsak (PhD, OT) was born on November 04, 1981, in Amman, Jordan. He graduated from University of Jordan in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy (OT). In May, 2010 he received the Master of Science Degree in OT from University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In August, 2010 he was offered a Clinical Team Leader and a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) position at the Wheelchair Study for Pressure Ulcer Prevention at the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at University of Pittsburgh. In December, 2013, Dr. Sarsak earned his Doctorate Degree in Rehabilitation Science with a Concentration in OT and Functional Assessments in Wheeled Mobility and Seating Interventions. Dr. Sarsak has worked in USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan for over 12 years in a variety of clinical, academic, and research institutions. Throughout his career, he has provided services for individuals from different populations (i.e., Pediatrics, Adults, and Geriatrics) and with different diagnoses (i.e., neuro-physical dysfunctions, cognitive disabilities, learning difficulties, and psychiatric disorders). In 2017, in response to the need of more competent wheelchair professionals and to enhance the quality of service delivery to wheelchair users, Dr. Sarsak developed the Wheelchair Training Program (WTP) for Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy Students and since then he has been integrating the WTP into Rehabilitation Curricula Programs in both Jordan (University of Jordan) and Saudi Arabia (Batterjee Medical College). Dr. Sarsak has Dr. Sarsak is currently the Head of Occupational Therapy Program at Batterjee Medical College, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Sarsak career objectives are to combine his clinical and research expertise and focus on functional assessments and interventions, develop his skills as an evidence-based clinical scientist, integrate Occupational Therapy Curriculum in interdisciplinary rehabilitation disciplines, advocate for the rights of Persons with Disabilities, and to enhance services provided to improve satisfaction, empower functional performance and everyday living skills in terms of independence, safety, and quality. Dr. Sarsak has the following clinical and research interests: Wheeled Mobility and Seating Interventions, Assistive Technology, Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, Pediatric and School-based Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Lori Rosenberg
Occupational Therapist
Hebrew University, Israel

Lori Rosenberg has worked in seating and mobility for over 20 years, 10 of which include teaching the subject at university level as well as continued education for clinicians (both OT and PT) . She has worked with both children and adults, though presently she is working in a special education school, mostly with children 6-21 who have physical disabilities and can nor be mainstreamed. She is presently working on a doctorate about teaching powered mobility to multiple, severely handicapped children who do not have independent mobility. She is happy to co-operate with others so we can all help our clients reach meaningful goals.

Integration Subcommittee Members

Listed below are the Integration Subcommittee members as of 16th May 2018.

Paula Rushton, University of Montreal (chair)
Nicky Seymour, Motivation
Nancy Augustine, University of Pittsburgh
Yohali Burrola, University of Pittsburgh
Megan D’Innocenzo, University of Pittsburgh
Mary Goldberg, University of Pittsburgh
Krithika Kandavel, University of Pittsburgh
Jon Pearlman, University of Pittsburgh
Barbara Crane, Hartford University
Rosy Dorman, Motivation
Sue Eitel, Eitel Global
Ritu Ghosh, Mobility India
Michelle Hollier, UCPRUK
Hanan, University of Jordan
Hasan, University of Jordan
Lee Kirby, Dalhousie University
Alex Miles, University of Pittsburgh
Taavy Miller, UNC Charlotte
Kylie Mines, Motivation Australia
Teresa Plummer, Belmont University
Uta Prehl, Handicap International
Samantha Shann, WFOT
Hassan Sarak, University of Jordan
Catherine Sykes
Maria Toro, CES University
Mathieu Andrieux, University of Montreal
Karen Fung, University of Montreal
Melina Gauther, University of Montreal
Stephanie Vasquez, University of Pittsburgh